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ConnectTRx with ImageAMMO 'CHANNELS'

ConntectTRx Channels:

It will include the ImageAMMO Channels system as it's primary user interface. The purpose of the Boost device is to allow a user to very easily expand the capabilities of their TV and ConnectTRx devices, and to allow direct consumption through and interface that is new, exciting, and critically: intuitive to a novice user.

ImageAMMO Channels:

The ImageAMMO Channels system is intended as an easy to use, 3D interface to the content stored on, or streamed through a device.

The appearance of Channels is in line with other ImageAMMO family products, in that the view will be comprised of a 3 dimensional shape constructed from images.

The images used will be representative of the data and actions accessible by activating the images. e.g. App Icons, Key representative images for ImageAMMO Wrappers, Web Site logos, Video stream key images, etc.

The channels will function similarly to the existing ImageAMMO Wrapper concept, in that they will be authored and distributed to a device, however there are key differentiating features:

1) Channels can reference any type of content available to the device locally or remotely including but not limited to:



Other Channels

Web Sites

Video streams

Audio streams

2) Channels can be updated remotely, and devices will sync with the latest version of a given channel when the channel is accessed. This minimizes bandwidth while ensuring users are always using the current version and still allows for offline operation of the device.

3) Channels can be added through pre-load, or downloaded through other channels or off of web sites. Additional channel distribution methods are possible. Channels restriction is also possible on a pre-configured basis at the device level.

4) Channels can be self generated by the device (such as with a channel representing installed apps on the device)