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(Jeon Byung-taek) H.P : 010-7774-7433 ddaagon@nate.com


Art 247 personal - 10.12-31 - Opening 10. 14 17:00

Gallery a

Gyeonggi-Do-Seongnam District 2262, South Korea

Tel: 031. 606. 0679 / 010. 9316. 3417

Open : Pm 12:00 ~ Pm 9:00

Artist Note:

(Jeon Byung-taek)
Yes! The card that we all know is the theme of this exhibition.

I have tried to transfer my inner voice into the canvas using the cards.

Although they look like nothing special, each pictures of the cards carry at least one significant meaning. For example, the hearts stands for the clergymen, the spades for the swords of the soldiers, the diamonds for the merchants, and the clubs for the clubs used by the farmers. Especially, the unique looking card, joker, signifies someone who is multi-talented regardless of his/her social standing.
It may have been true in any period, however, particularly in current society, we are living our daily lives in which we have to make constant decisions that are beyond our control, experience incidences that there are no right or wrong answers, and cope with the world where politics, things that are moral, and things that are environment-friendly fight tightly against each other.

In the process of selecting a subject for this exhibit, I did not give specific meaning to each pictures of the suits from the beginning.
However, while brainstorming the idea, I felt the strong desire to graft our lives, the lives of people who, on their own way, strive for success enthusiastically, but fear the uncertainty of the future, into this small deck of cards.
And as I was finishing each painting one at a time, its meaning came to me as stronger yearning little by little.

When people think of the cards, they are probably just reminded of the games that they enjoy.
However, I wish that everyone who sees my work, - The Cards - to be able to see the agony and trials of life, ambition, fear for that ambition, and even the effort to embrace the fear rather than just looking at the card itself.

Everyone wants to succeed and live peaceful life.
Success! This word is the word that can only be fulfilled through dream, challenge, and passion.

The reason that we can not succeed in spite of the fact that we all work diligently to climb up to the top is because we seem to give up right before the end leaving that -little - at the top.

In this world, it is hard to expect the result of success and the goal in life that one wants only with the weapon called - competence -.
One can come closer to the threshold of success when challenging himself/herself with passion.
The social correspondence combined with the talent and effort ; knowing what kind of hidden card you have and the ability to change the common card into your own golden card, is definitely needed.

I truly feel that small rectangular shaped canvas and the limited number of symbolized patterns are insufficient to suppress the extensiveness of the art and express my dream.

Something that will make me shine!

One piece of the card that will bring me closer to the threshold of success!

Right this moment, it may be looking at you, but are you?

Now! Which card are you going to choose?

Just remember that you will be responsible for your choice and - noblesse oblige - to the world.