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A Dangerous Symphony - by BRYAN DAVID SNUFFER

'A Dangerous Symphony' c.2013



4838 Kathryn Street Muskegon, MI 49444

Where I can purchase 'A Dangerous Symphony'


The deck of an aircraft carrier is an accident waiting to happen. One wrong move and disaster can strike. In Bryan's striking painting, modern day carrier aircrews, deck personel and aircraft directors participate in a perilous dance around a Navy FA-18F 'Super Hornet', defying the impossible In a very small space.

I have released the first edition of A Dangerous Symphony. This paper giclee' will 12x23' and will feature a Remarque in the lower right corner of the print. The other really cool thing on this piece is that I can put your unit patch and history in the lower left of the title bar. I will keep you posted on the availability.

I am a military artist and I would be honored if you would stop by and like my page and see the kind of fine art work that I do. I have more pieces for the Navy, US Coast Guard and the Air Force.


You can see and learn more about my work at


Bryan is a realist and specializes in man and machine subject matters. Bryan has a long history in military art as well as a newer found love for automobiles and motorcycles.