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ConnectTRx Devices with ImageAMMO 'Boost'

Connect almost any device anytime anywhere wirelessly. ConnectTRx allows you to connect our TX media hub to any device like an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad or android tables and wirelessly transmit and show on any TV or with our ConnectTRx enabled pico projector.

Connect the Xbox, Playstation, Wii, or your computer too for simultaneous streaming of your content to your TV or our ConnectTRx Pico Projector.

Watch movies, see your photos, show your presentations, or play games, on any device anytime any where.

Better yet show your photos or home videos with ImageAMMO on your phone, tablet, or computer. Best of all, don't have to worry about any compatibly issues connect all other wireless steaming devices. We connect anything, anywhere, anytime.

Coming soon to ConnectTRx is the next line of ConnectTRx devices with ImageAMMO 3D Boost functionality to make your browsing simple and intuitive.

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