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I would like to invite you to Rad & Gnar's Vision Quest- Cycling for a Dream...


It connects what I'd consider to be some of Connecticut Shorelines best forgotten roads and trails together to create one radical ride.

PLEASE read the details below, they should answer most of your questions. If they don't send me a message and I'll reply ASAP. If you have a friend that would also enjoy and find this ride rewarding, please invite them! I look forward to riding with all of you soon! Cheers!


1 : The Golden Rule. Fuck you ALS... Part II, Anyone having anything to do with this ride IS NOT responsible for your safety. Think of this as a hard training ride. We can't say this enough.....YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

2 : Riders must carry with them ALL necessary equipment.

3 : Each rider is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can be accepted for riders becoming lost or stranded.

4 : The primary route must be followed at all times. No short cuts or alternate routes are permitted. If you do this, its likely the Leatherman will come out of his cave and crush your skull.

5 : Bike choice is up to you! Mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and road bikes (if you really want to be stupid) can all be used. This route can be pretty brutal. I suggest atleast a 32c, but then again, it's up to you and how much you want to hurt.

6 : Use your head. Look and yield for traffic. There will be no course marshals to hold up traffic. Don't be a dumbass!

7 : Wear a helmet and obey Rules of the Road. Please conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring discredit to the event.

8 : You will be supplied a course map, a.k.a Cue Sheet electronically before the ride.

9: This event will happen regardless of rain, sleet, snow, drought, wind, rabbit infestation (Pete G), etc. You get the idea.

10 : In case of severe weather during the event Remember: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELF!! If the sky is falling, you should take appropriate actions to protect yourself. We will not be responsible for ill advised heroics in inclement weather. Be smart!

11 : The people associated with this ride will not come get you, please have a plan... If you get run over by an over privileged white collar off-roader, that is your problem. You get attacked by a rabid raccoon, that also is your problem. You get recruited to spoon with leatherman yep you guessed it, that is your problem.

12 : A cell phone is highly recommended. Make sure you know how to use it.

13 : Riders should help other riders with mechanical support. We are not doing this event to leave someone out in the boonies.

14 : If there is a serious or potentially fatal emergency call 911.

15 : A vision quest is traditionally done to find ways to strengthen ones community. Please support your community!

Disclaimer : This is just a possible route. I will be riding the loop at the specified day and time. If others choose to do the same, they do so at their own risk and choosing. To my knowledge, there are no restricted open public access sections of the route but I don’t guarantee this. Obey all no trespassing signs. Route is not solely on maintained public roads. Use your best judgment and ultimately keep the rubber side down and the sunny side up.


Route: Specific route information TBA... 65'ish miles with 4,000'ish feet of elevation. Everything from fast pavement, rocky jeep trails, to old school single track will be encountered. Be prepared to do some hiking and get creative when needed. A 12 mph average is likely for experienced riders, plan accordingly.

Start Time: 8:00 AM

Starting Line: Biehn Travel Agency

831 Boston Post Rd

Madison, CT 06443

Why? I invite you to dig deep and suffer with me during this ride so that our "vision" will help alleviate some of the suffering caused by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). This disease has recently hit our family and 100% of donations received will go to MY HERO and friend as he bravely battles this horrible disease.

Cost: This ride is free. However, I encourage you to donate $25-50 (or more) to My Hero Fund. Last year a lot of riders were able to recruite friends and family to pledge a $1 per mile ridden. It was wonderful, I would love to see this happen again! You may donate online HERE or at the ride- THANK YOU! www.myherofund.org

Food: Water will be available at select destinations and drop bags are allowed if desired. There are no "aid stations". More details TBA. Parking: Start/Finish will be at Biehn Travel Agency's parking lot in Madison, CT. No services will be available here but we will toast a beer (or 100) to the heroes of the day and enjoy some after ride BBQ as we watch our friends finish their ride.